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Your guide to using Altro floors, walls and doors to create the optimum new workspace and get your staff back to work safely and quickly in

  • Offices
  • Communal work areas
  • Corridors
  • Eating areas / kitchenettes
  • Classrooms

As employees start to return to the workplace, they need a safe environment: somewhere that feels as safe as home. And that safety includes both physical and mental wellbeing.

As an employer, cleaning and hygiene are top of mind. Not only your staff, but also your customers and visitors will need reassurance that your premises are clean and well maintained. Your budgets may be tight and so you want reassurance too: that what you are about to invest in will offer you proven cleanability and hygiene, will maintain its appearance and performance for years and provide you with excellent long-term value.

We have put together a collection of our best solutions that offer you precisely all this!

Hygienic and easy to clean floors, walls and doors 


THOUGHTS ON OFFICE DESIGN AND OPERATION AFTER COVID-19 “Materials and finishes should be selected to be easily cleaned; they should be hard, smooth and resistant to appropriate cleaning chemicals. Surfaces should be free from irregular features (nooks and crannies) that may harbour contamination.” (British Council,

As we start to return to offices, schools and other enclosed places of work, a review of your current building layout, furniture positioning, boundaries and people navigation is probably underway.

The materials that make up your working environment are also coming under scrutiny with a view to implementing changes to satisfy the emotional and physical needs of users, as well as the requirements of the government and recommendations of the Council.


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