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  • 1. Due to the fact that the product is not stuck down using traditional wet adhesives, when the product is uplifted the material is not contaminated with the usual subfloor residue. As there is also no damage to the subfloor and adjoining walls, there are no repairs required, with associated further resources. Time is also saved as the need to re-screed the floor or use a liquid DPM are removed

  • 2. With an adhesive-free floor your client’s installation will not suffer from any adhesive odours, which is vital in a hospital, or any occupied building with areas which cannot be closed; therefore, you can keep disruption and distress to users to a minimum

  • 3. With no odours from adhesive and no liquid DPMs, there is no need to provide costly ventilation equipment for affected areas

  • 4. As a DPM is not required the floor can be laid over a damp substrate up to 97% RH, removing the need to wait for the substrate to dry and saving labour and materials costs for your client

  • 5. Adhesive-free flooring contributes to reducing the environmental impact of customer specifications - A+ BRE Generic Green Guide Rating for Safety Flooring, full details available at
  • 6. Altro floors have undergone rigorous external VOC testing. VOCs are volatile organic compounds that are released into the atmosphere by some substances and products. It is thought that exposure to VOCs can cause problems like sick building syndrome, diminished learning in schools, and reduced productivity in offices. VOCs are typically five times more concentrated indoors than outdoors. Our floors are compliant with national and international indoor air quality schemes including Swedish Building Product Declarations (BPD) and FloorScore, the indoor air quality scheme used with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) in North America.

  • 7. Possesses M1 rating - M1 classification is part of the Finnish voluntary indoor climate classification system. Seal M1 indicates the lowest emission class of the voluntary Finnish emission classification of building materials. The classification is intended to be used by the construction and building design sector and in associated contracting, as well as by the building material industry, when building healthier and more comfortable buildings.

  • 8. 100% recyclable pre- and post-installation via the Recofloor take back scheme saving your clients’ valuable time and money by being able to reuse the floor and reducing waste disposal costs

  • 9. Contains up to 10% recycled content helping to preserve the world’s natural resources

  • 10. Contains a bioplasticiser from a renewable resource and for this reason also considered as green products, helping to reduce your carbon footprint

  • 11. The inclusion of the Altro Easyclean technology means that Altro adhesive-free floors use fewer cleaning chemicals and water throughout their lifetime; therefore, reducing their environmental impact during the in-use phase of the product’s lifecycle

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