Altro Transflor Momentum™

Altro Transflor Momentum has been developed to create a home from home environment for your passengers while simultaneously providing essential fire, smoke and toxicity compliance to key rail standards including ASTM E648, ASTM E662 & BS 6853 (performance results outlined in data sheet).

The range has been carefully researched with customers to create a selection of 12 plain and chipped colours, which satisfy requirements to match both standard corporate liveries and provide design contrast with vibrant, accent colours. Purpose-made colours and designs are also available on request to ensure the perfect look and feel can be achieved.

In addition to its design flexibility, Altro Transflor Momentum offers many other industry-leading product benefits. Its lightweight construction makes it ideal for installation in small or awkward spaces, where product flexibility is key; it can also contribute to long-term fuel savings resulting from lighter carriage weight.

The inclusion of silicon carbide affords long-term durability, minimising repair and replacement costs, while a PUR coating ensures the flooring remains stain and scuff resistant and easy to clean. For areas of intense traffic, the 2.5 mm option provides excellent durability and resilience. The inclusion of PVC contributes to a more robust product, easily able to cope with the demands placed upon the flooring. The fleece backing facilitates bonding and the whole floor may be welded to create a tankable flooring system, with impervious jointing which protects the subfloor. Guarantees/Warranties of 10-12 years are available for the 2 mm and 2.5 mm options, respectively.



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  • Sample card

  • Quattro
    MOM2001 - MOM2501

  • Cyber
    MOM2006 - MOM2506

  • Zeal
    MOM2012 - MOM2512

  • Capri
    MOM2004 - MOM2504

  • Elan
    MOM2002 - MOM2502

  • Phantom
    MOM2008 - MOM2508

  • Sprint
    MOM2003 - MOM2503

  • Midnight
    MOM2007 - MOM2507

  • Black
    MOM2011 - MOM2511

  • Storm
    MOM2010 - MOM2510

  • Fog
    MOM2005 - MOM2505

  • Thema
    MOM2009 - MOM2509



Contributes to reducing the environmental impact of your specification

  • A+ BRE Generic Green Guide Rating for Safety Flooring,
    full details are available on The Green Guide website