Brewing, mixing, filling and bottling

To protect your staff where spills and hose-down cleaning routines are frequent, you need slip resistance you can trust.   Your surfaces must be durable to resist temperature change, abrasive cleaning chemicals and wear from equipment.   Sound absorption will also be a factor for noisy bottling or canning lines.



You want to reduce the noise from bottling or canning lines to improve the environment for your staff.

For lasting enhanced acoustic performance, choose our acoustic resin flooring or combine our other flooring ranges with an acoustic underlay.


To resist harsh cleaning chemicals, temperature change, impact and wear, you need resilient surfaces.

Our safety flooring, resin and wall cladding products are impervious and provide good chemical and impact resistance.

We provide steel wall cladding for high temperature resistance.


You want impervious surfaces that are hygienic and easy to clean.

We offer safety flooring solutions with Altro Easyclean Technology for long-term cleanability.

Our resins offer resistance to a wide range of chemicals including organic acids found in foodstuffs.

Altro Whiterock wall cladding, doorsets and ceilings have welded joints and thermoformed corners preventing bacteria ingress.

Room solutions are impervious and easy to clean, with coved wall/floor junctions which can be hosed down and integral drainage.


To keep your staff safe underfoot in wet areas, you need sustained slip resistance.

Our flooring is slip-resistant, even when wet.

We offer safety flooring with lifetime sustained slip resistance of up to 20 years, plus resin flooring with slip resistance.