Food production

Food production, cooking, roasting, baking, sterilising, cooling

Frequent temperature change, damp or humid conditions and grease all increase risk. You need slip resistance you can trust and a rigorous cleaning regime to help prevent accidents.

High standards of hygiene are required to comply with food safety standards. Select resilient products which are easy to clean and watertight to prevent bacteria growth and allow hose-down cleaning.



You want resilient products to counter the effects of heavy usage including impact and point loading, temperature change and cleaning chemicals.

We provide a range 3mm heavy duty safety flooring and resilient resin products, with warranties of up to 15 years. Altro Stronghold 30 has been specifically designed to withstand commercial kitchen environments.

We provide steel wall cladding for high temperature resistance.

Impervious safety flooring and Altro Whiterock wall cladding (which is fully bonded to the wall) offer welded/sealed joints and Altro PU and epoxy resins are seamless for product stability.


Hygienic, easy-clean surfaces will help you comply with food safety standards.

You need a watertight solution to prevent bacteria ingress, but you also need drainage for disposal of hot liquids.

Our safety flooring and wall cladding products have been approved for food safety by HACCP International.

Choose our ranges containing Altro Easyclean Technology for long-term cleanability.

Our resins offer resistance to a wide range of chemicals including organic acids found in foodstuffs.

Impervious Altro Whiterock wall cladding, doorsets and ceilings have welded joints and thermoformed corners to prevent bacteria ingress and provide a watertight finish.

Room systems offer an easy-to-maintain solution including coved wall/floor junction and integral drainage.


You require safety in high risk areas prone to condensation, grease, spillages and contaminants such as flour.

We offer safety flooring with lifetime sustained slip resistance of up to 20 years.

We also provide slip-resistant resin flooring.