Restaurants and fast food outlets

Restaurants and fast food, serveries, kitchenettes, eateries, catering areas, dining areas, food courts, pubs, bars, drinks areas, vending machines

You need sustained slip resistance to protect your staff and customers from accidents caused by spills and tracked-in dirt. If glass gets broken frequently, impervious flooring is essential. For heavy traffic areas, you need durable finishes that resist impact and wear.

For front of house areas where aesthetics are important, you need inspiring colours and finishes, but you also need surfaces to be practical, easy to clean and maintain.



For front of house areas, you desire inspiring design ranges.

We offer a wide range of flooring colour and finish options to complement any design scheme, plus coordinating wall cladding.

We provide options for bespoke-design safety flooring and wall cladding.


For heavy traffic areas, you need impact and wear resistance, plus resilience to broken glass.

Our safety and resin floorings provide excellent resistance to wear, rolling traffic and impact.

Altro Whiterock wall cladding is scratch and impact resistant.


You demand hygienic finishes that are quick and easy to clean and maintain.

Our Altro Easyclean Maxis PUR Technology provides low dirt pick-up for long-term cleanability.

Hygienic Altro Whiterock has thermoformed corners and welded joints and can be wiped clean.

Room solutions are impervious and easy to clean, with coved wall/floor junctions.


You require solutions which are quick to install to minimise downtime.

We offer products with installation techniques designed to minimise downtime and reduce disruption to busy kitchens.


You need slip resistance to protect staff and customers from accidents.

Our safety flooring provides lifetime sustained slip resistance of up to 20 years.