Home adaptations - wet areas

Bathroom / wet room

Those who are frail, in poor health or suffering from mobility issues are likely to find cleaning a challenge. Carers may be able to help with cleaning, but are usually pressured on time, so it’s important that surfaces are low maintenance and easy to clean to aid with hygiene.

Our safety flooring has PUR technology for ease of cleaning and, when combined with our wall cladding, provides a hygienic system from floor to ceiling that’s easier to maintain.

Water splashes make bathrooms one of the most hazardous areas of the home, so slip-resistance is another key concern. Keeping people safe can be challenging when floors have a combination of wet and dry areas, with elderly people barefoot and carers wearing shoes.

Altro Aquarius is a unique safety flooring that provides slip-resistance in wet and dry conditions for bare skin and footwear alike.



The home needs to be made safe and hygienic without being turned into a clinical-looking environment.

Altro Whiterock has a wide colour palette, so individuals can stay safe without compromising the look and feel of their homes.

Altro Aquarius flooring comes in a range of colours that complement Altro Whiterock, enabling home owners to create a look that’s personal to them.


Elderly people may not be mobile, healthy or energetic enough to clean bathroom areas frequently, and carers may be too time-pressured to help. Therefore, surfaces need to be low maintenance and easy to clean.

Our hygienic Altro Whiterock wall cladding has a smooth, impervious surface that can be wiped clean in seconds. As there are no grouted joints, there is no worry of dirt becoming trapped or cracks that can let in water.

Together, Altro Whiterock and Altro Aquarius flooring provide a coved, watertight installation with nowhere for bacteria to hide.

Unlike tiles, Altro flooring can be laid to falls.


Water splashes make bathroom areas hazardous - people need to be protected from slipping to help prevent accidents.

Elderly people may need assistance with washing, so floors need to be slip-resistant for carers wearing shoes, as well as the elderly person who is likely to be barefoot.

Altro Aquarius is a unique flooring that provides slip-resistance for a combination of those who are barefoot and those wearing shoes, in both wet and dry conditions.