Emergency vehicles

You need flooring that’s reliable, hygienic and durable enough to deal with moving heavy equipment in and out on a regular basis, as well as safety underfoot for staff in both wet and dry conditions. Click on the drop down menu below to discover the best Altro Transport products for emergency vehicles.



You need to meet growing passenger expectations for interior design and comfort.

Altro have a bespoke design service (conditions apply) to enable you to design your interiors to meet these growing expectations.

We also offer logos for branding (conditions apply).

Chemical, stain and biological resistance

Resistance to staining from bodily fluids is an important factor to consider when choosing flooring.

Our flooring provides stain resistance and is unaffected by alcohol hand gels or chlorine packs used to disinfect the spillages of blood or body fluids.


You need reliable and compliant flooring that meets the needs of a demanding high traffic environment over the test of time.

You need long-term resistance to wear, abrasion, point loading and impact.

We offer highly resilient compliant flooring that you can install and then forget about.

With a range of warranties to suit you can rest assured your flooring will last.


To prevent risk of damage to subfloors you’ll want to choose flooring that is impermeable.

Our flooring is impermeable with fully welded seams which protect the subfloor from damage.

We also offer installation and technical support to help with detailing techniques.


With increasing energy costs and the need to run a sustainable operation, you need to ensure that all the vehicle components are as lightweight as possible.

All our bus products are lightweight, ensuring that your vehicle energy use is optimised.

Choose between three different thicknesses (1.8mm, 2.2mm and 2.7mm) for your own specific requirements.


You need slip resistance to meet health and safety standards and keep passengers and staff safe.

We offer safety flooring which has a minimum Pendulum Test Value of TRRL ≥36 in both wet and dry conditions and lifetime sustained slip resistance.


You need a supplier who can be relied on to respond when you need it.  Whether it’s ensuring the product arrives on time, or ordering additional items at the last minute we aim to look after your needs.

As a British manufacturer we pride ourselves on our responsive friendly service.

Our products can all be kitted using our pre-cut service to speed up installation.

We have a dedicated technical support hotline and customer service team to help you every step of the way.