Trains and trams

When compliance is key you need flooring that meets the most up-to-date industry standards as well as durability and sustained slip resistance to achieve your duty of care to passengers and staff.

Increasingly, attractive colours and design options are also important considerations in product selection to maintain fresh interior aesthetics in trains and trams. Low upkeep, great lifecycle value and a water resistant system to prevent sub-floor damage are all features you’re looking for too.



You need products that enhance interior design or match corporate livery, to meet passenger demand for comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Need to meet the PRMTSI requirements.

We have a bespoke design service to enable you to design your interiors to meet these growing expectations.

Branding and corporate design can also be incorporated into flooring designs. In addition, our logo cutting service can provide brand designs (conditions apply).


You need flooring that meets national and international regulations for fire, smoke and toxicity.

All Altro Transport rail products are compliant to BS6853 (either category Ia or Ib), DIN 5510, ASTM E648 and ASTM E662.

Altro Transflor Tungsten Compliance testing is done with Altro A19 Plus Adhesive to give you peace of mind that the whole system is compliant.

We have implemented an environmental management system that conforms to ISO 14001:2004.

Bespoke colour designs are also available to meet Persons of Reduced Mobility Train Standard Interoperability (PRMTSI) requirements. (T&Cs Apply)

Full compliance details are available.

Demarcation areas

You need to highlight certain areas to indicate way-finding or specific areas for disabled customers.

We can provide laser cut logos in any shape required to highlight specific areas.


You need flooring that stands the test of time and guards against high traffic, abrasion, point loading and impact. 

Our products are tried and tested in working trains and under aggressive laboratory conditions for things like dimensional stability and wear abrasion.

With worldwide sales in commercial, industrial and transport markets, we are committed to a uniform quality management system compliant with BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

Our products also have lifetime sustained slip resistance.


Subfloors are at risk of damage if the floor covering is permeable creating risk of expensive repair/damage costs.

Our safety flooring is impermeable with fully welded seams – which protects the subfloor from damage.

Our technicians are on hand to help and provide information on detailing techniques to best suit your installation to achieve things like perfectly sealed corners.


You want an easy and quick installation to reduce downtime.

Expert installation with the appropriate accessories to ensure you maximise the lifetime and robustness of the flooring.

Our 2 metre width makes our flooring ideal for standard vehicle interiors, reducing the number of weld seams (compared with rubber).

Altro Transport flooring is flexible and lightweight enough to cove.

We have a range of accessories and a pre-cut service to save you time.

We also run installation training schools internationally and can offer onsite support for installations and staff training to ensure the best possible installation and therefore lifetime of your flooring.


With increasing energy costs and the need to run a sustainable operation, you need to ensure that all the vehicle components are as lightweight as possible.

All our rail products are lightweight, ensuring that your vehicle energy use is optimised.

Choose between two thicknesses (2mm /2.5mm) for your own specific requirements.


With short turnaround times and pressure on maintenance schedules your flooring needs to be able to respond to these demands.

We can support your need for value when improving whole life cost.

Our products are resistant to staining and chemical damage.

We’ve also added Altro Easyclean Original to our products to help reduce maintenance requirements.

Our flooring does not need any specific dressings or special measures (or equipment) to enable it to function and look good for the long term.


You need slip-resistant flooring to protect the health and safety of your customers and staff.

We offer safety flooring with lifetime sustained slip resistance, thanks to our special product formula that has slip-resistant minerals throughout the entire thickness from surface to base to keep your passengers and staff safe, even in wet conditions.

Our Altro Transflor Tungsten product has a slip rating of R11. All other rail products have a slip rating of R10 according to DIN51130.  All products have a Pendulum Slip Test Value ≥ 36.

Full details/results about performance tests are available.