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Parc Tauli Health, Spain

Hospital kitchens are modern and safe with Altro

Altro Stronghold 30

Hospital Sabadell is one of seven centres managed by Parc Taulí Health Corporation (PUC) and one of the most important in Catalonia, treating 393,000 patients every year.  The kitchen is very busy, serving three meals a day to 700 patients and 400 visitors daily.

A year ago the kitchen was completely remodeled. According to Jordi Culubret i Crous, architect and head of the hospital service works: "We undertook a complete redesign of the kitchen, which needed to be modernised and adapted to meet current regulations. Our choice of flooring was essential to ensure safety and eliminate the risk of slips and falls that occured with the previous tiled floor. "

Oriol Mir Villas, MCD administrator Grup, the installation company, said: "Both the architect and the client had safety as a top consideration, but also wanted to address durability and aesthetics. We had to assess what products were suitable for this high traffic area. If it looks good as well, it is even better. "

"We chose Altro because we found it was the best quality slip-resistant flooring. We value safety, compliance and hygiene. A vinyl sheet flooring that didn’t use grout is much more hygienic than tiles, and is also adaptable to different finishes: half baseboards, corners, etc., " said Culubret.

The floor chosen Altro Stronghold 30 in a gray tone.  920 m² was installed in food preparation areas and the adjacent corridors. "The installation was very quick and easy; and aesthetically it has perfectly integrated with the rest of the furniture. Although it is our first experience with Altro flooring, we would recommend using it in the future, to create a classic industrial kitchen," he said.

"Altro is the best vinyl flooring option on the market as far as safety is concerned. Its thickness and its special composition compared to other flooring "competitors" make it number one. Therefore I can highly recommend it," said Oriol Mir.

Altro Stronghold 30 is a 3mm thick flooring which is ideal for industrial kitchens. Altro Stronghold achieves Altro’s highest rating for slip resistance (PTV≥55, R12). It is designed to minimise risk in environments that often have spills of liquids such as water, oil and other fats. Altro Stronghold 30 has a lifetime slip resistance of 20 years, keeping your risk of a slip or fall to one in a million.

Encarna Escudero, head of the department of nutrition and dietetics from the hospital, was delighted with the new floor: "It's a wonderful, comfortable and above all safe and slip-resistant flooring, even around the frier, an area which puts workers at more risk because of the spilled fats," he said. "The previous floor was dangerous and even with workers wearing special clogs, slip accidents still occured. Altro Stronghold 30 has changed my life. Since we opened the kitchen, we have not had a single accident caused by falling. People can work feeling calm, confident and unafraid," Encarna Escudero explained.

With regard to maintenance and cleaning of Altro Stronghold 30, she commented how easy it is to clean the flooring: "Cleanling is very easy and quick. It remains impeccable. It is also very aestheticly pleasing, with a combination of a neutral gray and lighter gray panels and looks good."

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