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Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Hospital

“The smooth surface, fully sealed welded joints and thermoformed corners were all attractive features for the walling of our new theatres. Altro Whiterock is conducive to our Infection Control principles by offering completely watertight protection against germs & bacteria. It also significantly reduces the cleaning time. The cladding provides the level of impact resistance a Hospital needs to protect the walls from the barrage of beds and trolleys that constantly make contact with the walls.” - Lorraine V. Munn, Project Manager – Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Hospital

“The single greatest measurement of this floor’s performance over the last two years is that we have not had a single Work Cover claim, incident report or even a ‘near miss’ reported in the Kitchen area since the installation. This has effectively eliminated the kitchen as source of slips or falls” - Kevin Davidson, OH&S Unit

Wall surfaces are repeatedly damaged due to the very nature of the care environment. Impact repair is expensive and nonstop because the impacts never cease. Often scarce facilities are closed due to the very real danger of infection caused by the broken surfaces.

The Brisbane Queen Elizabeth II Hospital management team has embraced an innovative approach to overcome these issues. They commissioned experienced contractor Pacific Flooring Services to install the internationally acclaimed Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding system in critical areas and Altro Stronghold 30 / K30 in the kitchen.

In 2007, a series of slip incidents in the kitchen at QEII caused the filing of numerous Work Cover claims by hospital staff. The floor tiles were originally non-slip but, as will happen with ceramics, they had worn smooth. In addition, trolley transport across the tile corrugations caused muscle fatigue, was loud and triggered the items to fall off, further compounding the cleaning and maintenance problems. Consequently, the decision was made to replace the tiled floor. The hospital’s flooring contractor was aware that Altro’s Stronghold 30 / K30 safety vinyl was commonly used in hospital kitchens throughout the world due to its R12 slip rating and hygienic properties. Supported by Altro’s specification, 700m² of Altro Stronghold 30 / K30 Skyline was duly installed.


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