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ZwanzigZehn Bürgers Restaurant & Bar

Local delicacies created in an environment with the highest hygiene standards

Altro Stronghold 30, Altro Whiterock Satins

ZwanzigZehn – Burger’s Restaurant and Bar in Hemer, Germany, provides a menu with regional inspired confectionery, meat and beer produced by culinary specialists, with the aim to create a fresh, creative and modern dining experience.

Before it opened, the kitchen needed to be completely rebuilt. Markus Bürger, chef and owner of ZwanzigZehn, chose Altro Whiterock Satins and Altro Stronghold 30 for the walls and floors, respectively, to create a working environment that simultaneously fulfilled hygiene requirements for a commercial kitchen and the design vision for the restaurant.

Altro Whiterock Satins is made of a high-quality, impact-resistant PVCu polymer. It is one of the few wall covering solutions that have passed the certification achieved by HACCP International, the international system for food safety. Jointless and waterproof, the sheets are bonded to the substrate to create an impermeable and hygienic surface.

“Where water, grease or oil can reach the ground, it is dangerous for employees,” explains Markus Bürger. “Therefore, a floor covering that keeps kitchen staff safe is essential.” Altro Stronghold 30 achieves Altro’s highest rating for slip resistance (PTV≥55, R12) and is designed to minimise risk in wet and greasy conditions. As well as helping to keep staff safe from slips, it also helps reduce their fatigue, thanks to its 3mm thickness which provides noise reduction and comfort underfoot.

Altro have developed their safety flooring and hygienic wall cladding to perfectly complement one another. When welded together, they form a sealed, watertight system for optimal safety and hygiene, making it ideally suited for commercial kitchens where safety and hygiene are paramount requirements.

The installation was completed quickly by Gladbeck. “With Altro Whiterock difficult areas, such as the outer and inner corners were glued quickly and easily,” explains Markus. The material was thermally formed locally and adapted to the structural conditions.

“The panels look great and are quick and easy to clean, and mould has no chance to grow,” says Markus Bürger.

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