April 2017

And The Winner Is...


Congratulations to Hyogo Kawasaki for achieving the top Altro sales person in Japan with our Japanese partner ABC Corporation. Hyogo Kawasaki produced an outstanding effort over the last 12 months in just his first year in the flooring sales team, achieving his high result with excellent customer service and relationships. Altro thanks him for all his hard work and wishes him and all his colleagues at ABC a more successful year ahead. 


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Future-Proofing Healthcare with Good Design

In the past, cleanliness was the main focus of designing a healing environment to combat communicable diseases, leading to healthcare facilities traditionally possessing a clinical and cold aesthetic. While cleanliness remains extremely important, there is an increasing recognition of the role a pleasant environment plays in patient recovery. A well-designed healthcare facility has a profound impact on the level of care, the feel of the space and its usability.

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