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Bring a Room to Life with Wall Lining

When wanting to imprint a sense of personality onto a space, or change the atmosphere of a room, the first thing you look at are the walls. A large, blank canvas, the walls aren’t just the structural core of what makes a room, they also offer the opportunity to be creative and personalise the space.
Wall lining, or wall cladding, is a fantastic way of doing this as it can be used to meet the needs of that area as well as bring a sense of colour and personality to a room. But with a range of interior wall cladding out there, where do you begin?

What is its Purpose?

This should be the first thing you consider when investing in cladding systems. Obviously, you want something that offers protection and durability, but does it need to be robust enough for public areas with heavy traffic, such as in the education or healthcare sectors, or does hygiene take priority like it might for hospitality and restaurant settings? Once these considerations are out of the way, you can then look at what best suits these requirements and how they can be tailored to your needs. 
For example, if working in an area where the walls need durable protection from the constant swinging of doors, or the likelihood of persistent contact with them, Altro Fortis Titanium™ 15 is dense and is resistant to bumps and scuffs. As such, this makes it ideal for healthcare or education settings where heavy traffic is likely to flow through and the walls need to remain in good condition for a long period of time.

Altro Fortis Titanium™ 15 in Candle

Customise Your Choice

Certain wall lining choices will be flexible enough to offer complete customisation, like Altro Whiterock™ which can come in a clean and distinct white or a range of bright and bold colours and patterns. In fact, it can even be used to create personalised wall schemes.
Likewise, the Altro Whiterock™ Chameleon comes in a rainbow of bold and glossy colours perfect to add a bit of watertight, wipe-clean luxury to an environment making it great for paediatric care spaces or public areas that need a splash of colour to bring them to life.

Altro Whiterock™ Chameleon in Taxi Cab

For something that needs a little more sophistication, Altro Whiterock™ wall designs bring together the resilience of Altro Whiterock™ with an attractive palette of wood, linen, concrete and metallic visuals. 
Altro Whiterock™ wall designs in Winter Weave

If you’re looking for something that allows you to have custom printed imagery on your wall cladding systems, the Altro Whiterock™ Digiclad is ideal for feature walls, signage and logos as a reproduction of photographic images of vector art can be used on the PVCu plastic wall panels while also been scratch and stain resistant to protect the wall base. Working with bamboo…why not have a giant panda on your plastic cladding? The possibilities are endless and can be printed on a smooth, gloss or matte surface finish. 

Altro Whiterock™ Digiclad custom print

You can discover more about our products and what is right for your needs by clicking here.
Posted: 13/04/2022 11:47:44 PM by Kushla Smith | with 0 comments

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