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Exploring emerging trends in tiles

As the design landscape continues to adapt to the challenges presented by the pandemic, interior finishes have emerged with a renewed emphasis on hygiene as well as promoting well-being and serenity through the incorporation of calming, neutral tones. One space in particular where this concept is steadily growing is tile surfaces. A greater variety of shapes and colours incorporated into classic designs including herringbone and subway tile patterns have become available for commercial use, with three new trends guiding tile development and innovation. 

On to greener palettes

New variations of green muted shades are establishing themselves as a predominant colour choice for tile surface solutions. These shades channel biophilic design traits that help to bring nature into commercial settings and are associated with feelings of growth and healing. With this in mind, designers are now opting for subtle greens to promote well-being in patrons and staff alike.

Watch your tone

In response to the circumstances that unfolded during the past few years, developments in neutral tile tones have shifted towards favouring warm, subtle and calming design options. The return of beige, tan and brown shades fits the need for feelings of comfort and calmness in commercial environments as well as residential applications.

Adding personality with pastels

While beige, white and grey are often the colours that come to mind when discussing neutral tile tones, pastel options can help brighten a space while still conveying a calming vibe. Light blues, yellows and even greens allow greater design versatility and can help create a warm, soothing environment that welcomes all who interact with it.

The tiles, they are a-changing: Altro Tegulis

New Altro Tegulis wall panels offer the chic look and feel of tile without any unhygienic drawbacks. Available in six colours that can adapt to fit the mood of your design, this easy-to-install system is available in a variety of tile patterns and sizes, including the trending hexagon style, in interlocking and straight-edge formats.

Unlike traditional porous grout used in ceramic tile installations, the custom-etched grout lines embedded into Altro Tegulis’s surface are impervious to moisture. This allows for truly thorough cleaning and disinfecting without the threat of water ingress or bacteria accumulation within the grout. Our innovative wall solution balances a diverse palette of neutral and vibrant tones with enhanced cleanability, making it ideal for creating calm, soothing commercial settings. Learn more about the Altro's Tegulis tile-effect wall panels here.
Posted: 21/04/2022 1:05:54 AM by Kushla Smith | with 0 comments

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