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Don't let maintenance control your budget


Altro have over 60 years experience in delivering facility solutions. Altro were the first company to innovate a complete system of compatible hygienic wall sheets and safety flooring. As the system is fully

integrated, it fits together perfectly to provide a hygienic, watertight solution. No gaps or rough edges, just a smooth, uninterrupted surface- even around plug sockets, light switches and corners.

We thoroughly test our products, exceeding industry standards for safety and hygiene to ensure you have the best solution for your business.

It is good for your business to invest in a long-term solution with low maintenance, less cleaning and fewer repairs. Let us do the work and get more time for other important tasks!

PA-Hospital,-QLD-Altro-Whiterock-(59).jpg    IMG_0410.jpg QEII.jpg    PA.jpg
Typical Wall Damage                                                       Altro Whiterock Wall Protection

Elizabeth Morgan, Director of Springtime Aged Care a 50 bed facility recently commented that their wall maintenance budget went from $18,000 pa to $42,000 pa after some new mobility aids were introduced, this was accidental staff related damage.

Once Whiterock was introduced into the area that damage and ongoing maintenance cost was eliminated, providing a saving of $42,000 per annum. the one off upfront cost of installing Whiterock for this area was $9,000.
  • Issue- new high maintenance spend due to equipment being introduced
  • Cost of ongoing repairs- $42,000
  • Cost to rectify with Altro Whiterock- $9,000
  • Saving per annum- $33,000 year one, $42,000 year two and beyond



A leading hospital in Melbourne have been wanting to refurbish their ensuites for some time. the problem they face is each ensuite services 4 beds and each is worth $3,000 per day, taking these 4 beds out of commission for 5 days cost the hospital $60,000 or $12,000 per day.

The reason they have been putting off these refurbishments is they had not found any solution to avoid these lengthy shut downs.

An Altro floor and wall solution has been proven to be one to two days quicker than any other refurbishment process they have considered.

The feedback from the hospital has been the cost to supply and install Altro Floors & Walls is insignificant when they consider having four beds back in service two days earlier than normal.
Consider that the hospital has 90 ensuites servicing 360 beds and the savings in time and cost add up significantly. this solution means the hospital gets their long awaited refurbishment and minimise down time, lost revenue and of course disruption to their patients.

When evaluating cost and time, it was realised that installing Altro Walling and Flooring was not only quicker and cheaper in the long run, but much a more innovative choice due to its durability, long lasting nature and easy maintenance.
  • Issue- Cost and inconvenient through downtime of refurbishing ensuites
  • Cost per day- $12,000
  • Cost per ensuite for Altro floor and wall package $5,700
  • Savings based on ensuite being operation two days earlier than other options $18,300
  • Savings achieved across 90 ensuites $1,647,000

Altro PVCu wall sheets and safety flooring have proven their value time and time again in a wide range of environments. Such is the company's confidence in these products that Altro products come with long warranties, some up to 20 years.

Not only can we assist with maintenance but we can consult and help you to reduce the risk. To find out more, download Altro's practical guide for Facility Managers.




Bonney Aged Care Before & After - Altro Whiterock & Altro Aquarius - see the case study here

bonney.jpg    bonney2.jpg
Posted: 9/12/2015 4:49:29 AM by Lea Charnley | with 0 comments

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