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Acceptable Solution D1/AS1

I thought that I would give you a reminder that in January 2017 the Acceptable Solution (D1/AS1) for the NZBC section D1.3.3 (d) 2.0 Access Routes – 2.1 Slip Resistance, was amended and now includes the following methods for complying with areas that may become wet:

3 Major Changes

1.      Water wet areas with shoes – level walking surfaces shall have a Slip Resistance Value (SRV) classification of not less than 39 from the wet pendulum test. (This is very similar to the previous Coefficient of Friction (µ) of no less than 0.4 requirement). Common areas that would become wet with water include: entrances, toilet facilities, fast food dining areas, buffet food servery areas and supermarket fresh fruit and vegetable areas.

2.       Water wet areas with barefoot - In areas that are primarily used barefoot a Classification B from the wet-barefoot inclining platform test now gives an acceptable slip resistance for walking surfaces. Common areas that this would apply to are: swimming pool surrounds, adjacent to communal showers and bathrooms and en-suites in hospitals and aged care facilities.

3.      Oils and similar slip-inducing materials with shoes. For Industrial and Commercial situations the oil-wet inclining platform test is an acceptable method of determining the slip resistance of walking surfaces. Table 3B from HB 198 lists suggested R-values for a range of commercial situations e.g. Serving areas behind bars in public hotels and clubs, cold stores and freezers need to achieve a R11 slip rating and commercial kitchens a R12 slip rating.

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Please note that this is a brief summary of how to comply with the slip resistance changes to D1/AS1 and I would love to provide you and your team with a fuller explanation/presentation of these changes and solutions to ensure that you are complying with D1/AS1.

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