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Building Better Student Living

Creating an environment that’s suitable for work, rest and play is no mean feat, but that’s what is needed when thinking about student living. Students, like any section of society, aren’t a monolith and so meeting the needs of all is tough, but there are a few touchpoints that should be covered when creating these spaces.

Practical Durability in Student Housing

Durability is a key consideration when creating student accommodation, with many people taking up residence in these buildings often leaving home for the first time and coming to terms with ownership of their own space. These spaces often see a rapid turnaround of residents over the years too and, as such, things need to be sturdy. 
Outside of that, these are also spaces where students will study. With many people coming and going at different times of day and performing all manner of activities, finding the peace and quiet needed for concentration and learning can be particularly tricky. 
With a combination of these things in mind, Altro has a selection of options suitable for bedroom and study areas, such as Altro Wood™ adhesive free. This product is a safety flooring that is installed with adhesive-free technology, it can easily be replaced with no downtime after it’s been put in place so it can be welded and walked on the same day. It also has a one-in-a-million slip-resistance reassurance to offer that extra peace of mind. 
Coming in various natural wood looks, it provides a homely feel to a room, which is appreciated during a time of change and growth. It has the added bonus of being a noise dampening floor, giving a 14dB sound reduction too, so busy accommodation needn’t disturb those trying to rest or study.

Altro Wood™ adhesive free in Soft Maple

Maintaining Kitchens and Bathrooms

Another concern is kitchens, as with a lot of young people potentially learning to cook for themselves for the first time, using the facilities you’ll need a robust kitchen setup. Although there is no need for industrial-level kitchen wall lining, Altro Whiterock Splashbacks™ can give that much-needed protection and are an alternative to tiling. Whiterock Splashbacks are cut to size and can be colour coordinated with the rest of the building’s colour scheme.
Likewise, bathrooms are usually ensuites, so the limited space means condensation and splashes are highly likely. The floor will need to be slip-resistant and easy to clean, Altro Pisces™ can offer all that and non-slip safety thanks to its use of AltroBead technology. This technology blends tiny beads into the surface of the flooring for extra grip whilst remaining comfortable underfoot, even when barefoot.
Bathroom wall linings need similar protection but without hard-to-clean grouting that is likely to crack over time. Altro Teguilis™ is an excellent choice as these tile-effect wall panels have etched grout lines and a selection of designs for that domestic bathroom look and feel that can stand up to heavy usage.
For more inspiration and view our case studies to see what other options would suit educational facilities or residential buildings click here.

Altro Whiterock Splashbacks™ in Juicy Lucy

Altro Pisces™ in Deckchair

Altro Teguilis™ in Antique Copper
Posted: 29/06/2022 11:54:09 PM by Kushla Smith | with 0 comments

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