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Décor Inspiration: Bathrooms

When you think about it, bathrooms can be a bit of an odd space. They’re where we can feel at our most vulnerable but also where we go to relax, soothe and clean ourselves. They need to provide a welcoming atmosphere while remaining hygienic and this is even more important when in a shared bathroom of a hospital or aged care facility.
When designing and outfitting a bathroom or wet room space, the setting and atmosphere should be considered along with the strength and suitability of the materials. For example, are the bathroom wall panels or wall lining durable enough and germ-resistant enough to deal with near constant exposure to water? Is the vinyl bathroom flooring waterproof? Does the flooring have non-slip properties to make sure users are kept safe and if so, how effective are these? 
Once these have been addressed, there’s also the aesthetics to consider. Creating a welcoming space that’s practical and fit for purpose can be tricky but with Altro Whiterock™ wall designs you can get a high performance alternative to ceramic tiles that’s impact resistant and grout-free, with an elegant design that can act as a focal point. 
With a variety of designs, including those that imitate natural wood grains, metals, stone, and linen, you can create an impressive, yet relaxed feeling suited to a range of settings. In fact, Altro Whiterock™ offers a choice of wall lining bathroom panels that can be highly patterned or personalised to make sure they’re ideal for the room or area.
Being able to tailor the colours and design of walls and floors can also help elderly and dementia patients with wayfinding in aged care facilities. It’s a simple consideration but it can go a long way to removing barriers for those who struggle with recognition. A bold or unique design can really help with familiarity.
Likewise, when looking at flooring for bathrooms, you need to take a view of making safety a priority. Being an area with a lot of water and high likelihood of splashes and spills, you’ll want waterproof bathroom flooring that can deal with the very high slip risk. 
Altro Whiterock™ ​in White and Eau De Chic

Altro Pisces™ is the perfect bathroom vinyl flooring for bathrooms, showers, changing rooms, saunas, spas, student accommodation, wet environments in aged care adaptations, social housing, and more and so is adaptable, durable and has a domestic look that makes any space more homely. 

With a selection of 16 different shades, it can be used along with many different decors and styles while keeping the user safe with common contaminants such as shampoo and conditioner. 
Similarly, Altro Aquarius™ offers a specialist solution for combined wet and dry areas, comfortable and yet rugged enough to deal with shoe and barefoot use. Easy to clean too, thanks to Altro Easyclean Maxis PUR technology, it gives a high performance across several environments. With a range of both bold and more subtle colours, you can create your ideal flooring look.
With many more choices that would be suited for bathroom spaces, why not check out our range of products or get some inspiration for your next project here.
Altro Pisces™  
Posted: 23/03/2022 3:29:51 AM by Kushla Smith | with 0 comments

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