May 2016

The 65-Year Old Altro Safety Flooring Still Performing Today at West Bridgford Baptist Church.


When West Bridgford Baptist Church refitted its kitchen, they wanted high quality flooring that was safe, durable and easy to maintain. They chose what was then a new product – Altro safety flooring – and hoped it would deliver. That was in 1950, and over 65 years later, after innumerable coffee mornings, christenings and other events, Altro revisited the site with the most modern testing equipment and found the original safety flooring still meets the latest HSE standards. A pendulum test achieved PTV 40, representing a one in a million risk of slipping in both wet and dry conditions.


Church Secretary Carol Hodgkinson said: “Our kitchen has had much use over the years and is important to the people who attend the Church and use its facilities. We’ve run a lunch club, cooked up amazing Christmas dinners and plenty of simple lunches too. Today it’s mainly used to prepare refreshments for our own church activities and for other groups that use our building, which includes toddler groups, keep fit groups, uniformed organisations and U3A groups, amongst others.

“We were amazed when we were told how old the flooring is, we had no idea! We just know that it’s easy to clean. It’s reassuring to know that it’s still helping to prevent people from slipping after all this time.”

The flooring that was laid at West Bridgford Baptist Church was called ASF Classic X25 and was the first Altro safety flooring solution. Roll-on to today and Altro Classic 25 is still here, albeit with a few tweaks! It remains a popular choice, although these days you’re more likely to find it in craft, design and technology rooms plus circulation areas.

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Bayside Restaurant gets an upgrade with Altro

The Pantry restaurant has been an important part of the Bayside landscape for twenty years. In a relaxed, stylish setting, their customers can enjoy delicious food served with a smile by their fantastic team. Located in Brighton the fun and friendly restaurant offers a calming environment with gorgeous interiors.

Recently they needed to upgrade the restaurant floor due to wearing in high traffic areas. They were searching for a floor that would stand the test of time and provide a stylish look to match the interior design. When they heard about Altro safety flooring and the long product guarantees they chose Altro Walkway 20/VM20 in the colour Pitch.

“We were in the market for a new floor after our previous floor had been worn down especially in the high traffic areas. Originally we were looking at another vinyl product. Once we had heard about the long term durability and life cycle of the Altro floor we knew we had to go with the better quality product. We chose VM20 Pitch to match our interiors and love the new look and moody vibe it provides for the entire restaurant area. ” - Guy Mainwaring - Owner, The Pantry

Altro Walkway/VM20 has been popular for over twenty five years because it’s easy to cove and weld. The hard-wearing 2mm safety flooring achieves ≥ 36 on the pendulum test, an R10 and a P4 for slip resistance, giving sustained slip resistance throughout the lifetime of the product. It also includes PUR cleanability, superior chemical and stain resistance.

The range has 42 colours and shares its colour range with Altro XpressLay™. This enables you to combine use of both ranges when you need traditionally adhered and adhesive-free safety flooring in adjacent areas.


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