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Not all R12 rated flooring is created equal

Don’t slip up. Get it right the first time!

Employers are required to ensure the health and safety of all employees and anyone who may be affected by their work. They must assess risks, including slip and trip risks, and take action to control those risks. Floors must be suitable, in good condition and free from obstructions.

Altro Stronghold 30, our specialist kitchen safety floor, has a Pendulum Test Value (PTV) of ≥55 / R12, meaning it goes that extra mile and is proven to provide the highest level of safety and slip resistance.

The chance of slipping when Altro Stronghold 30 is on the floor is reduced to less than 1 in a million with common commercial kitchen contaminants.

This product is the perfect long-term kitchen solution for wet and greasy floors.

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From 2016-2017 the number of serious Australian workers compensation claims

TOTALLED 106,260

386 workers killed as a result of slips, trips and falls from 203 to 2015

56% of slips, trips and falls were caused by environmental agencies

Environmental factors can include slippery surfaces...

38% of all serious claims were caused by body stressing

24% of all serious claims were caused by falls, slips and trips

In 2012-2013, work-related injury and disease
cost Australian employers $3.1 Billion

The following information and statistics are sourced from Safe Work Australia. You can read more on the Safe Work Australia website


Not all R12 flooring is created equal

Altro Stronghold 30/K30 is a homogenous product which means there is no wear layer. The aggregates that make the flooring slip resistant are all the way through the product so over time the slip resistance never wears off.

Not all flooring is as safe as ours. This is usually because it has a thin coating or emboss which can wear away; or it’s smooth or rubber flooring, which only has sustained slip resistance in dry, contaminant-free conditions.

To us, only flooring that continues to provide TRRL ≥36 for its entire lifetime can be considered a true safety floor, because it offers sustained slip resistance. In other words, it will continue to keep users safe for its lifetime.

However it's not just all about the R12

Altro Stronghold 30/K30 is unique in that it is 3mm thick with reinforcing aggregates through the entire thickness. Alternative products only offer 2mm thick products with a 0.7mm wear layer.

Over 60 years experience in commercial kitchen fit-outs tells us that’s simply not enough to stand the abuse in such a harsh environment. It’s worth ensuring that you have considered the slip rating and all other technical aspects, warranties and performance promises.

It’s too expensive to get this wrong as a complete shutdown of the business is required to replace failing floors. If you’re told by a supplier the only reason their product is okay is because it’s an R12 it’s time to ask a lot more questions, or find another supplier.

Comfort underfoot

As well as helping to keep staff safe from slips, it also helps reduce their fatigue, thanks to its 3mm thickness which provides noise reduction and comfort underfoot.

Cost savings all round

Because Altro safety flooring has sustained slip resistance there is no need to replace your floors every 5 years. Altro safety flooring has some of the longest most comprehensive guarantees in the industry. Having to close business every 5 years to replace a floor can be a huge cost to a business! With Altro once it's installed it's installed for the long haul.

Easy to clean

All Altro flooring contain Altro Easyclean technology for ease of cleaning. We know all too well how messy a kitchen can get but our safety flooring is easy to clean and we can provide you with some simple steps to keeping it that way. Our products also have great chemical and stain resistance so rest assured you won't be spending any money on maintenance. All of our products are HACCP approved and provide hygienic surfaces:

"Altro products are one of the few worldwide flooring and walling products to have achieved HACCP International certification for non-food services and supplies, which means that they have been assessed by a third party and found to be satisfactory and hygienic for use in a food environment. Both the flooring and walling products from Altro offer the seamless and impervious solution which means that there is nowhere for bacteria to hide, as well as being easy to clean, both important issues in the food industry."



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