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Adriano Zumbo

“We required a product which could be installed without adhesives and yet required a commercial product that would obtain a slip rating for a commercial food service area. The product has been installed and we are now considering using it within other spaces within our property.” Myles Cran-Crombie, Project Manager- Star Casino

Everyone’s excited about Adriano Zumbo’s latest venture especially the team here at Altro! The celebrity Pastry Chef is known for his creative and colourful desserts that have your mouth watering just by hearing his name. With new retail stores popping up all over Australia they were in the market for an innovative flooring solution.

Kitchen designers... recommended Altro XpressLay for it’s adhesive free and sustainable qualities. Being a food service they also needed to provide a high level of slip resistance and ease of cleaning.

Luckily Altro XpressLay has all of those qualities. The world’s first ever, adhesive-free safety floor that can save you money on materials, time on installation and offers you unrivalled sustainability credentials.

No adhesive means there are no odors, which is perfect in a food service environment. Unlike traditional, glue-down flooring, which typically requires the adhesive to cure overnight, Altro XpressLay can be walked on and welded the same day it is installed. Meaning downtime is reduced greatly so you can continue to eat all of those delicious sweets whenever your cravings kick in.

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