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Altro: Why did you choose Altro Suprema and K30?

FW: Primarily because of the duty of care for our staff and customers gained from it’s low slip properties. It is also low maintenance (no polishing or buffing) and it has a significant impact on Public Liability Insurance. Real cost savings.

Altro: Why did you choose an R10 slip rated floor when you only have to legally provide an R9 product?

FW: If we used an R9 we would have to provide floor mats, which not only add an extra $118 per month for changing and cleaning expenses, but they also are a trip hazard.

Altro: How did the cost of the construction compare against your budget?

FW: We actually came in under a very realistic budget. It took 2 years of planning to ensure everything was right. Altro offered longer warranties compared to your competitors, which over the life of the building gave us significant savings.

Altro: How have your staff and customers responded to the new floor?

FW: All of our staff & many customers have commented favourably on this flooring and are impressed that we are “trying to keep them safe”.


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