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What is Altro Adhesive-Free technology?

Altro Adhesive-free technology

Altro Adhesive-Free is a revolutionary technology applied to the flooring, which can save you significant time and money. It features a studded emboss on the underside which enables it to lie flat and perform like a traditional adhered floor but without the need for adhesive. Its tiny air channels allow the floor to breathe meaning floors with Altro Adhesive-Free technology can be installed on wet surfaces, such as fresh concrete.
It can even been laid over surfaces such as tiles with no problems; another time saver.
Each floor roll is supplied with Altro doubled-sided tape. The moisture-tolerant tape is applied around the perimeter and under joints; this ensures the flooring can be held in place while being welded.
Using Altro Adhesive-Free technology means that the flooring can be laid without a surface DPM and removed easily, even allowing it to be used elsewhere. This saves time on installation and money on materials. As there is no adhesive you get same-day welding and can walk on the floor straight away which is a particular advantage in areas where prolonged downtime isn’t an option.
Floors with Altro Adhesive-Free technology holds as effectively as an Altro floor installed using adhesive: no rucks, no movement. It achieves optimum installation results and conformity to our 10 year guarantee. We tested Altro XpressLay using a 900kg drilling rig with caterpillar tracks; the flooring did not move and was not marked in any way.

To see the video, click here.

If you'd like to read our brochure about Altro Adhesive-Free technology and Altro XpressLay, click here.

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