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When to choose an Altro Adhesive-Free floor and why

When to choose a floor with Altro Adhesive-Free technology

  • If downtime is not an option, for example in a busy hospital or school. Our research shows that installing floors with Altro Adhesive-Free technology such as Altro XpressLay can halve installation time
  • Where adhesive odours could be a problem for staff, students or patients
  • If the subfloor is damp; floors with Altro Adhesive-Free technology can be applied at up to 97% relative humidity
  • If sustainability is a factor when planning and carrying out installations (see below)
  • For temporary flooring that can be removed easily post-installation

Why Altro Adhesive-Free technology?

It saves the environment

  • Floors with Altro Adhesive-Free technology are 100% recyclable post-consumer and can be reused in other installations
  • It contains recycled material
  • Waste is minimal as only one product used. Any left-over floor can be used elsewhere, returned to us, or a Recofloor collection point, for recycling. At the end of its life, it can be removed quickly and reused or recycled; no flooring covered with adhesive and bits of substrate to deal with.

It saves you time and money

  • There is no waiting for the adhesive to ‘cure’, you get the same-day welding and you can walk on the floor straight away
  • At the end of its use, you can recycle or reuse, saving on material and waste costs
  • The unique underside emboss forms tiny air channels allowing any moisture left in the subfloor to escape
  • You can apply floors with Altro Adhesive-Free technology to a new concrete floor at up to 97% relative humidity
  • Altro Adhesive-Free technology can be used on problem surfaces like existing tiles and flaky paint, getting the job done more economically and without any problems
  • It is easy to repair; simply cut out the area to be replaced, patch any damage, lay new flooring and weld. The ease of repair means the area can be worked on without decanting the whole area
  • When the flooring needs replacing, using a floor with Altro Adhesive-Free technology means it can be done easily as the subfloor stays intact, any surface damage can be repaired quickly and new floor with Altro Adhesive-Free technology can be laid the same day

Altro Adhesive-Free technology saves you and your customers hassle

  • No adhesive means there are no odours, which is perfect in many environments, where there are lots of people living and working, and shutting down shop is not an option. Customer feedback tells us this has been a distinct advantage as adhesive odours often cause disruption and complaints
  • Its reduced installation time means less downtime for buildings undergoing refurbishment. Work can be planned in stages so there is always a surface to walk on
  • As there is no risk of affecting adhesive, there is no need to turn down the underfloor heating as you install
  • It can be laid straight laid or self-coved as a standard floor without any problems
  • It may also be installed over existing sound and secure floor surfaces such as vinyl tiles

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