Altro Business Continuity - Novel Coronavirus

Since late January 2020, we have been closely monitoring the spread of the Coronavirus across the world. Since that time, we have been taking action to ensure that our business continuity plans support our customers and are ready for us to implement if it becomes necessary for us to do so. Our Business Continuity Team, comprising of members of the Board and of the senior management team, meet on a daily basis to monitor the fast evolving situation globally. Whilst we are sure you appreciate this is a constantly evolving situation, we anticipate that under the most currently foreseeable contingencies, we will be able to continue supporting and servicing our customers.


The majority of our flooring and walling products are manufactured in the UK with our key raw materials being sourced from the UK and Europe. Due to lead times, we already hold significant stocks of raw materials and finished goods as well as a contingency stock to manage fluctuations in demand. In addition, to ensure the continuation of supply, we are communicating regularly with our suppliers and, if the sourcing lead times increase, we will transfer to our other sourcing partners.

Altro Team

To avoid placing our own staff and our visitors at risk and to prevent us from contributing to the spread of the virus, the Company had already implemented social distancing measures by minimising the number of individuals at any one time on all of our sites, enhanced the daily cleaning and sanitation of all areas of our buildings and instigated home working for those of our staff that are able to work remotely.

Following the latest Australian Government advice, our staff have been advised not to travel, unless they are travelling to and from their place of work (in those instances where they can’t work from home) and are using technology, such as video conferencing, as a substitute for face to face meetings.
In addition to the above, we have now restricted external visitors to our sites to essential visits only, for example, for necessary deliveries. If you are visiting our Rowville site, please adhere to their local instructions.  

We are grateful for your continued understanding and appreciate your support in safeguarding the wellbeing of our communities and contributing to the efforts in containing the outbreak.
We are continuing to closely monitor the situation as it develops. In the meantime if you have any questions in relation to this, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Altro team.
Updated 24.3.20