Why Altro Whiterock hygienic systems?

Our PVCu wall cladding systems are practical, decorative, durable, hygienic coverings for internal walls. A variety of areas, including showers, kitchens, classrooms, foyers and corridors, benefit from these impervious, watertight, wipe-clean surfaces which can be hygienically finished around fixtures and fittings.

Altro Whiterock's high durability and low maintenance costs make it an excellent long-term investment for you. The system's panels can be fully bonded on to a variety of suitable substrates including blockwork or brickwork, plasterboard and WPB resin bonded plywood, eliminating the use of wet trades. Altro Whiterock can also be installed on top of existing ceramic tiles and painted surfaces, making it ideal for refurbishment projects. If required, you can also apply it on to sand and cement render plastered surfaces.


  • Smooth and impervious
  • Tough, withstands furniture/mobility aid knocks
  • Fully bonded to the substrate leaving no void for bacterial growth or insect infestation behind the panels
  • Thermoformed corners for ease of cleaning
  • Exclusive, revolutionary Altro Whiterock FlexiJoint system for sealed joints
  • Watertight fit around all surface fixings
  • Durable
  • Highly durable and virtually maintenance-free
  • Impact and chemical-resistant
  • Specialist Premier Installer Network and up to 20-year warranty for product and installation confidence
  • Long-lasting appearance retention
  • The grout-free alternative
  • Can be wiped clean, hosed down or pressure washed
  • Not damaged by detergent or disinfectant
  • No harsh cleaning chemicals required
  • Sealed transitions between wall, floor and ceiling
  • Can be applied directly on to a range of substrates

Enhances the working environment

  • Enhanced appeal through wide choices of colours and finishes
  • Minimal installation downtime
  • Colour matched joints and transitions
  • Light Reflectance Values (LRV) rated for inclusive design
  • Wall cladding enables hand wash, drying facilities and disability aids to be wall mounted post-installation
  • Option to personalise the environment with bespoke printed designs on the wall cladding