Keeping safe

Surprisingly, a huge 55% of all accidents in education are caused by a slip, trip or fall.

These accidents affect staff and students alike; causing broken bones, considerable personal distress and a significant amount of time off to recover.

Employers and organisations have a duty of care to every employee, student and visitor within their establishment. As regulations become increasingly demanding and society ever more litigious, it is essential that you provide and maintain a safe environment for everyone.

So, where are your risk areas?

These could typically include slopes, steps, heavy traffic circulation areas, play and activity areas, kitchens, student union bars, launderettes, laboratories, art, technology and computer suites. On their own, these busy areas present a significant risk. This risk increases when you factor in the behaviour of the young, who, let's face it, often don't appreciate their role in accident prevention!

Another risk is contamination by water, food, litter and chemicals, which can all affect the performance of the floor if not allowed for.

The good news is that all Altro safety flooring provides underfoot traction to assist with walking and safety, even when flooring is wet or contaminated. We have specialist solutions for a variety of applications, for learners of all ages and the staff who work with them, making their future safer with Altro.

What we can offer you

  • help with specifications
  • extensive product selection
  • pre-installation site visits
  • sample express service
  • contractors known to Altro
  • technical support for the lifetime of your installation
  • leading warranties

Wear and tear

  • The bigger the foot, the more durable the floor requirement. With many universities catering for 40,000 students and more, the demands on flooring in education have never been tougher
  • We recommend safety flooring of 2.5mm for high-traffic areas
  • Altro safety flooring withstands foot traffic, chair scraping and regular furniture movement, and has high point loading resistance (is resistant to dents from swinging on one leg of a chair)
  • Altro Easyclean Maxis PUR Technology provides enhanced cleanability and reduces maintenance costs by up to 60%
  • Altro flooring and wall cladding are resilient and designed to withstand high usage and daily knocks and scrapes. A hard-wearing Altro floor covering, wall covering or doorset will give you many years' service, remaining safe, easy to maintain and retaining its appearance, thereby avoiding the need for regular replacement, which reduces downtime and life cycle costs

Construction design management (CDM)

According to CDM regulations, the designer is responsible for assessing the potential hazards associated with floor and wall coverings. These can include hazardous substances, installation methods, safety in the use of the floor, safe cleaning, maintenance and replacement methods. We recommend you carry out a risk assessment in any area where you are considering which flooring to install.


According to the World Health Organisation indirect contact is the most frequent route of infection transmission. Thorough cleaning, backed by the installation of impervious and easy to clean surfaces, is the most effective method of combating the spread of infection. Kitchens and bathrooms are particularly vulnerable. It is important that equipment and surfaces are designed for ease of cleaning and made from materials that won't harbour micro-bacterial growth.

That's where we can help!

  • Kitchens require hygienic products with proven independent testing, for example Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP); products that are coved, incorporating gullies and drains, suitable for wet, greasy and dusty environments, resistant to cracks, stains, bacteria and water infiltration, broken glass (for student bars) etc
  • Altro safety flooring and wall cladding solutions are HACCP approved and offer easy to clean surfaces with low dirt retention - no harsh chemicals are required for cleaning, not only saving you time and money, but also being more environmentally friendly, resulting in better working conditions for cleaning operatives and facility users


  • Highly durable and easily maintained products offer excellent value for money over the lifetime of the installation
  • We are a co-founder of Recofloor, the UK vinyl flooring industry take back scheme. Since the launch of the scheme in 2009 Recofloor has collected and recycled over 1,500 tonnes of waste vinyl flooring
  • All Altro safety flooring has a generic BRE A+ environmental rating for major application areas