What you say

“The single greatest measurement of this floor’s performance over the last two years is that we have not had a single Work Cover claim, incident report or even a ‘near miss’ reported in the Kitchen area since the installation. This has effectively eliminated the kitchen as source of slips or falls” - Kevin Davidson, OH&S Unit, Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Hospital

“Apart from Sydenham needing refurbishment, I’m building another, larger facility in Bacchus Marsh. That why the en-suite trial is so important but we couldn’t afford to be without the en-suite for very long. The installation was very quick, much quicker than the alternatives. Cleaning is a breeze – no harsh chemicals or scrubbing. My staff love it! Recently my wall repair costs more than doubled from $18,000 to $42,000 pa after I introduced some new mobility aids. I fully expect a dramatic reduction now that I have Whiterock installed. The ‘After’ photo just doesn’t do it justice – that’s how good it looks! And I was really surprised how cost effective the Altro system was compared to ceramics and cheaper vinyl when you take in all their added installation costs. Over the long term Altro will help sell my business to new clients as it keeps looking good for longer. There is nothing worse than a damaged bathroom to turn clients away.” - Elizabeth Morgan, Springtime Aged Care Sydenham.

“Housekeepers report that the bathrooms walls and floors are much easier to clean (as opposed to needing to scrub the previous floors and walls) the staff report that nowadays, since the new flooring and wall installation, they only have to wipe over the floor with the mop.” Christine Thompson, Residential Services Manager Ian Brand Aged Care