Flexible environments and long term value

Whether your facility caters for care in the community or high secure services, one thing you will probably have in common is the need to allow for varying functions and flexibility of area. Our changing demographics make this an increasingly vital design imperative. What may today be a walk-in outpatient area may in the future become a ward and need to cope with the demands of wheeled traffic and those more intent on harming themselves and the built environment. Therefore, at early design stage, we would recommend taking this into account and designing the following into the fabric of the building

  • Flooring and walling that can last for more than 15 / 20 years, affording excellent life cycle value
  • Flooring and walling that are backed by some of the industry’s most generous, no-quibble warranties
  • Flooring and walling that will allow for change in usage and will provide robust, durable solutions for the environment and peace of mind for you
  • Flooring that will allow for potential spillages should usage / conditions change