Innovative design details

Pick-resistanceExamples of vulnerable areas with unsuitable products

Any part of the built environment that allows dismantling through picking, can provide patients with a means to harm themselves or others. Vulnerable areas include floor tiles, grout, woven carpet backing, door components and welds.

Altro offer flooring, walling and doorset solutions designed to minimise this risk.

Altro Whiterock wall sheet offers a continuous, grout-free, robust surface, with high impact resistance that is pick-resistant. The large sheets are fully bonded to the substrate and resist removal by hand, therefore not lending themselves for use as weapons. The sheets are welded around fixtures and fittings and can be sealed with pick-resistant silicone for patient safety. In the event that the substrate does not allow for a welded joint, one part joint-trims may be used, again designed for patient safety and hygiene.

“Patients can often pick at the walls, which means tiles and grouting are unsuitable, Altro Whiterock Chameleon is a pick-resistant, continuous waterproof surface that’s easy to clean. The colours are lovely, too, and we have been able to create some really striking schemes.”
Heidi Sowerbutts, Head of Capital Development at East London NHS Foundation


Wall to floor detailing and coving

Altro Aquarius and Altro Whiterock installed to maximise hygiene and patient wellbeing

We pride ourselves in the level of assistance we can provide to specifiers to help deliver a safe and hygienic environment for all those who use a facility, whether low, medium or high secure. To find out more about any of the points below, please contact Altro - 01462 489516.

Correct wall to floor detailing is essential. Design can compensate for patient confusion between the wall / floor finishes to enhance patient wellbeing in eg shower areas.

Standard coving can also be adapted to reduced radius coving as another method of reducing visual confusion in more general areas.

For additional safety in a shower area, consider the use of AP600 adhesive to secure the base of the Altro Whiterock sheet in an overlap over vinyl flooring. This adhesive ensures that the wall cladding cannot be ripped off the wall at the potentially vulnerable wall to floor joint. The bottom of the wall cladding sheet can be chamfered to remove the straight edge which is easier to grip.

The additional hygienic benefits of Altro Whiterock wall sheet

Altro Whiterock wall sheet can offer you added hygiene in areas you may not have considered.
It has been specified as

  • Protection for the bed base under a mattress
  • Bedhead protection
  • All-in-one toiletries holder for shower areas, which can be effectively incorporated into the wall cladding system

Bespoke options

Resins afford a great degree of flexibility. Altro resins on floors can be customised to suit the environment with colours, effects and different slip resistance characteristics to meet individual requirements for seamless, safe and hygienic surfaces. Different finishes may also be achieved on the walls.

If you do not find the exact vinyl flooring or wall cladding that you require, please call us to discuss your options for a bespoke solution. Conditions apply, ask your Altro Consultant for more information.

Designing for the deaf in a mental health environment

Altro Marine 20 turtles used for way finding at Salisbury Hospital Childrens Unit
  • Good lighting levels are essential in communal areas and treatment rooms to support the delivery of sign language
  • Clear way finding and signage to rooms with clearly identifiable functions are essential
  • Design in measures to respect confidentiality in treatment rooms which are used by those who communicate through sign language