Compliance with legislation and standards

Using our products helps you comply with Health and Safety and food hygiene requirements. The British Retail Consortium, other independent observers and the industry all demand high performance standards, and our solutions can help you deliver them. You can rest assured that the environment created by an Altro system will satisfy customer audits and make your operation more attractive to both staff and customers.

Cleanability and ease of maintenance

Health and Safety Regulations insist on cleanability. We make it possible with a range of products and an integrated system designed to ease your cleaning regime. Food splattered up the wall? It happens, and with Altro Whiterock wall cladding, it's no problem. Simply wipe it down. How about spillages on the floor? Well, they're no match for our flooring. Our integrated solutions include coved flooring and overlapped wall to floor joints, which prevent dirt traps caused by skirting edges. This not only makes your life easier, but is vital in reducing your cleaning costs and keeping your flooring and wall cladding in good condition.

Enhancing the working environment

We know that working in kitchens means spending hours on your feet. Our flooring can provide comfort underfoot, and also sound absorption, helping you to provide a better working environment for your staff. Our solutions include acoustic flooring and an underlay option to reduce noise, plus a kitchen specialist product, designed to be softer and provide enhanced give to reduce fatigue.

Minimum downtime

Downtime costs you money, so you want to keep it to a minimum when replacing flooring and wall cladding. Our products and installation techniques are designed to minimise downtime and cause the least disruption to busy kitchens and production runs.

Refurbishment is not something you want to do very often, so you need flooring and wall cladding that last. Ours is manufactured to perform to a high standard over a long period of time. In production areas, specific grades of flooring provide increased slip resistance and are built to withstand constant wear and tear such as that caused by fork-lift trucks. The resistance to wear and chemical attack makes our products particularly suitable for the harsh environment of food and drink manufacturing.

Slips and trips

Employers or specifiers have a responsibility to everyone using their kitchen or industrial catering area.

About 2 million working days are lost to slips, trips and falls injuries in the UK each year. In the EU, most workplace accidents can be attributed to slips and trips.

"Slips, trips and falls are the most common cause of accidents in the hotel and catering sector, especially in kitchens. They are mainly caused by surfaces made slippery by water, food waste or oil."
European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.

All Altro safety flooring exceeds the recommended minimum UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Slip Resistant Value (SRV) of 36 which reduces the chance of slipping to one in a million. In addition, we offer specialist ranges, with far greater levels of slip resistance, designed specifically to deal with kitchen environments, making sure your future really is safer with Altro.