Food poisoning

The World Health Authority states that up to 30% of industrial nations' populations suffer food poisoning every year, and research shows kitchens to be the chief culprit, while contamination of surfaces is in the top five causes of food poisoning.

The EU guidelines that kitchens or industrial catering areas must adhere to include:

  • every food business operation must ensure that food safety is never compromised. The layout, design and construction of food premises must prevent the accumulation of dirt and the shedding of particles. Also, the formation of condensation or undesirable mould on surfaces must be prevented
  • floors, walls, ceilings, windows and doors must have impervious, non-absorbent and washable surfaces. All surfaces should be maintained in a sound condition, and therefore be easy to clean and disinfect. This will require all surfaces to be smooth, washable, corrosion resistant and made from non-toxic materials
  • all floors, walkways and stairs must be safe for employees or clients
  • one way of being sure that the protection is there, and the confidence in responsibilities is being taken care of, is to fit Altro flooring and wall protection
  • Altro safety flooring and wall protection is HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) compliant, providing peace of mind with the risk assessments of environmental safety

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)

HACCP is an international system for food safety management. It is a legal requirement in Europe under EC Regulation 852/2004. HACCP requires a risk assessment for every food preparation area identifying "critical points" where food safety hazards could arise. Hazards include:

  • contamination by staff or poorly maintained fittings or equipment
  • chemical, physical or allergenic risks, caused by ingredients, handling, equipment or fittings, including floors and walls.

You can reduce hazard risk and keep inspections to a minimum by selecting Altro floors and walls, which are all approved by HACCP International.

"Altro's products are one of the few worldwide flooring and walling products to have achieved HACCP International certification for non-food services and supplies, which means that they have been assessed by a third party and found to be satisfactory and hygienic for use in a food environment.

Both the flooring and walling products from Altro offer the seamless and impervious solution which means that there is nowhere for bacteria to hide, as well as being easy to clean, both important issues in the food industry."
Richard Mallett, European Director of HACCP International.