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In the hospitality trade, time is money. We know that you may only have a two to three day window for a complete fit-out. Faced with a fast turnaround, Altro adhesive-free floors can halve the time of a traditional installation in general areas and behind bars, for example. You can lay, weld and walk all on the same day, even with a damp subfloor. Plus there are no adhesive odours delaying opening to contend with. Our adhesive-free floors can also cope with heavy catering or bar equipment; no rucking and no movement. For refurbishments, if the existing floor is damaged when equipment is moved, Altro adhesive-free floors, such as Altro XpressLay, can be installed quickly and with the knowledge that the same problem won’t occur. 

When time is short, Altro wall systems are much quicker to install than tiles, and have none of the associated hygiene and durability issues. With no grouting to do, the walls can be installed and ready in a day. You can even install Altro Whiterock walls over existing tiles. Both Altro Whiterock and Altro Fortis Titanium are ideal alternatives to paint, being quick to install and with no lingering paint odours, plus they are more durable and wipe-clean.

“We needed flooring that would allow us to meet the tight deadlines we had to work on. In addition, we needed it to respond well to the humidity of the environment. It was easy to clean, durable, resistant to stains and, of course, it was slip-resistant.”

Architect Esteve Pujol Torres, talking about the installation of Altro XpressLay at the Costas Portal Hotel, Mallorca, Spain.

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