The problem with ceramics

Today's hygiene regulations demand safe and hygienic environments for both employees and guests to catering businesses. Tiles can look great but there is more to hygiene than meets the eye. Ceramics can get damaged, allowing contaminated water to penetrate. This not only leaves unsightly stains but creates a breeding ground for bacterial growth. Grout lines are particularly vulnerable and even epoxy grout is susceptible. When up to 20% of a tiled surface is grout, there are real risks to health and safety.

With Altro, these issues are well taken care of. As a decorative and practical alternative to ceramic tiles, our floor and wall coverings are durable, impervious and impact resistant, with smooth and easy to clean surfaces. There's no grout involved with our products and the finish leaves dirt and bacteria with nowhere to hide.

Our products are also impact and chemical resistant, and therefore will never wear out or crack like ceramics. As a result, businesses can enjoy reduced maintenance and lower long-term costs, with a significantly reduced risk of contamination or closure. All this makes it perfect for use in any catering area.