Because hygiene matters

To meet today’s strict hygiene regulations, walls need to be durable, impact resistant, impervious and easy to clean. Ceramic tiles were the traditional choice – but are they the best choice?

The problem with ceramic tiles

According to the Ceramic Tile Federation, 65% of all tile installations are fixed incorrectly, leading to serious problems – especially in kitchens and showers. It’s difficult to be sure that water-resistant adhesive and epoxy grout have been used, and if they haven’t, water could seep through to the substrate behind and cause structural damage.
Even when glazed ceramic tiles are correctly fixed, they are vulnerable to being chipped or cracked. Any surface damage means that contaminated water can penetrate the tile, leading to unsightly stains, cleaning challenges and bacterial growth.

The solution is wall protection

Unlike tiled surfaces, Altro Whiterock is proven to be 100% watertight and impervious. This means it can be used practically anywhere, with its smooth, wipe-clean surface proving especially beneficial in showers and kitchens. And because Altro Whiterock doesn’t need grout, dirt and bacteria have nowhere to hide, and water can’t penetrate.
Tough, watertight and easy to clean, it’s clear that Altro Whiterock is the modern, low-maintenance solution for better hygiene and durability.