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Reducing noise to support stress-free environments

Reducing sound is more than just a “nice to have” – it promotes the health of your staff and service users

Noise levels from people and noise pollution from equipment and devices reverberate over sound-reflecting hard surfaces, extend over distances and linger; consequently, they can have a serious impact on the wellbeing of everyone.

A positive sound environment occurs naturally outdoors; our ears are tuned to the natural environment, and the sky absorbs noise. We need to create the same indoors, absorbing or diffusing noise to help support a stress-free environment.

Designs that have good acoustics, along with natural light and ventilation, help create a positive, therapeutic atmosphere.

Where can acoustic floors be used to best effect? Here are some examples…

Commercial kitchens – Whether in a restaurant, hotel, hospital, university, school or care home, they have one thing in common: they are really noisy! Trolleys clatter over the floor bearing loads of wobbling crockery; plates are loaded and unloaded in dishwashers; food processors blitz away and chefs need to make themselves heard above all this reverberating noise. Acoustic and impact sound reducing floors can help reduce noise significantly to enhance the wellbeing of all those who work here.

Hotels – Nothing disturbs a good night’s sleep more than the sound of other guests moving about in the room above yours or wheeling their suitcase past your door at midnight. Acoustic flooring will help reduce sound transmission between storeys and adjacent rooms and increase sound absorption along corridors to keep your guests coming back for some peace and quiet.

Care homes – Improve the chances of your residents sleeping well and not disturbing each other by incorporating sound reducing flooring into your corridors and bedrooms. They are also beneficial in visitor lounges, to enhance that sense of privacy.

Education – Libraries, student accommodation, study areas, drama studios, music rooms, dining rooms and playrooms; all spaces that either demand quiet up front or would benefit from minimising noise transmission to other areas. Our floors can reduce impact sound transmission not just into adjoining rooms but also to other storeys.

Housing – Reduce tenant complaints about noisy neighbours next door, above or below them, by installing appropriate sound absorbing floors.

Hospitals – Peace and quiet aid recovery and protect privacy, so surfaces which contribute to them are essential across many areas of a hospital, including: intensive care or wards where resting and sleep are vital to patient recuperation; corridors where the sounds from trolleys and wheelchairs can be a constant source of distress; consultation rooms in which private conversations should not be overheard.

Offices – Office equipment, people on the move and conversations can all make noise levels so loud as to make offices a stressful working environment – not good when you spend the best part of your day there. Create a more positive working environment with less noise pollution in open plan spaces, communal areas and meeting rooms.

Retail – No-one like a noisy shop. Retail therapy by its very nature demands quiet for it to count as therapy and create the right atmosphere; thereby providing not only a more peaceful environment for staff, but also one in which shoppers will linger.


Top recommendations

Where noise reduction is needed to reduce in-room sound and transmission of noise:

If this isn’t enough, don’t forget that you can combine the floor of your choice with impact sound reduction underlays. Altro 1101 and Altro Everlay B offer sound reductions of 18dB and 20dB respectively.

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To learn more about our solutions and acoustics, ask your Altro Consultant about attending our CPD Designing for wellbeing: effective sound reduction.


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