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Comfort underfoot

Prevent health problems and save you money

The right floor helps prevent musculosketal problems and improves productivity

Many hard-working staff spend the whole day on their feet. Not only can a person’s level of comfort be impacted but ultimately musculoskeletal problems may arise.

It has been reported that a more comfortable, ergonomic flooring material can contribute to reduced chronic pain, including that from musculoskeletal conditions and improve productivity, as well as the quality of a person’s work.

Take a moment to consider this: the NHS in England spends £5 billion each year on treating musculoskeletal conditions! This clearly indicates the scale of the problem.

Where can floors providing comfort underfoot be used to best effect? Here are some examples…

Hospitals and care homes - Nurses and carers can work 12 hour shifts, walking 4-5 miles per shift. This presents a real need for comfort underfoot in corridors, wards, bedrooms etc. to reduce their chances of developing chronic pain and to provide a more comfortable working environment.

Education – From nursery teachers to university professors, those who teach are on their feet for hours each day, whether standing behind a lectern, walking as they teach around the form or moving from class to class along the corridor. For those who stand still or walk miles, comfort underfoot is a must.

Hospitality – In hotels and restaurants cleaning and waiting staff are not only on their feet for many hours per shirt, but they walk miles carrying heavy laundry or trays of food. Chefs stand for hours in the kitchen, while receptionists need to keep smiling as they welcome guests, standing behind the desk. You can reduce their risk of developing serious musculoskeletal problems with the right flooring.

Retail – an eight hour shift standing in a shop can cause musculoskeletal problems, the chances of which can be reduced with the right flooring; which also serves to provide a more comfortable environment for customers underfoot, encouraging them to spend longer in your premises.


Top recommendations

We feel passionately that floor surfaces need to provide comfort underfoot while maintaining ease of movement.

Our floors provide the required level of comfort without the drawback of residual indentation and rolling load resistance, which can be a problem with softer floors to such an extent that you can’t easily move around heavy equipment. The following floors are designed provide comfort and low residual indentation

  • 2.6mm Altro Orchestra is available in designs varying from calming neutrals reflecting tones of nature, to vibrant shades for design flexibility
  • Altro Wood Comfort is also 2.85mm and offers great biophilic aesthetics
  • Altro Cantata and Altro Wood adhesive-free, both 2.4mm thick, also provide comfort underfoot with adhesive-free technology – great for rapid space re-configuration

Visualise your options now!

  • Choose our new Insta-space software, which lets you upload your own picture and view our solutions in your own space
  • Use our Space visualiser to choose our products in a choice of pre-existing room sets
  • Want to explore our ranges for other areas? Explore with our Product selector for some great recommendations of what works best where, then have a play with our Insta-space or Space visualiser

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To learn more about our solutions and acoustics, ask your Altro Consultant about attending our CPD Designing for wellbeing: effective sound reduction.


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