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The Altro system compared with painted walls

The chances are you have many painted corridors and spaces across all your buildings. Let’s examine how paint performs where hygiene is critical.

The problems with paint

  • Paint is only microns thick and therefore easily damaged. Plasterboard under paint tends to be weak and absorbent and easily dented or damaged, particularly below waist height where walls can be prone to knocks and scrapes, or subject to cracks from building movement. These damaged surfaces can harbour and provide breeding grounds for microorganisms more readily than undamaged, smooth surfaces, as they are more porous
  • Emulsion paint is not designed to be wet cleaned; it can come away when cleaned with water, a process which is exacerbated when cleaned with the detergents required to keep an area hygienic. This results in patchiness, reducing the overall aesthetic appeal of an area and requiring further maintenance
  • The World Health Organisation has proved that the Covid 19 virus will live for 72 hours on a hard surface, such as paint, therefore necessitating regular detergent cleaning, which can damage this type of surface   

Specific comparison of our system against paint

  • Our wall cladding is 2.5mm thick, guaranteed for up to 20 years
  • It is impact-resistant and impervious. Altro Fortis wall protection will protect your wall and substrate from bumps and scrapes
  • Even though our wall cladding is a hard surface, it is easy to clean, even with detergent, up to 60° C
  • The colour runs through the thickness of the product for aesthetic durability
  • It is fully bonded and will protect the substrate, even when knocked or bumped into, giving nowhere for microorganisms to hide and breed, either on the surface or behind the sheet itself as there are no voids

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